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The fastest way to maintain the advantages of your RTP rate is to employ sophisticated technologies that can detect opportunities and oversights.  Left undetected, your organization's price position is lost forever

Common challenges are as follows:

  • complex pricing that is often misunderstood as "best price...I can't lose" scenario

  • lack of proper cost controls and oversight

  • responsibility to police pricing falling on the customer

  • specialized rate expertise required to identify opportunities

  • lack of communication within customer organization that can lead to unrealized optimizations ... forever 

RTP Sentinel ($25,000/Year)
Pricing Insurance at a Fraction of the Cost
  • Inquiry Process Gathers Feedback from Staff Using a Proprietary Method for Discovery

  • Bill History Scrub is Secondary Check for Uncovering Savings Opportunities Missed During the Inquiry Process

  • Rate Intelligence Provides Customers with Optimization Suggestions, Request Forms that Comply with Utilities and Estimated Savings Calculations, Based on 28 years Experience in the Georgia Market

  • Billing Validation Ensures that Customers Are Billed Correctly According to Existing Contracts and Post Changes

  • Meter Enterprise for Up to 20 RTP Submeters Vastly Improves Oversight of Building Consumption That Often Lies Hidden within Large Master Metered Accounts

Note: Representation in negotiations is available as an additional service




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