Bill Manager
  • Monthly Bill Data Capture

  • Performance Reporting (Budgets, Deviation, Y2Y)

  • Bill History Including Bill Fields, Images and Metrics

  • Automated Bill Alerts for Identifying Possible Errors

  • Benchmarking Reports and Dynamic Analytical Tools

  • Professional Reports and Email Report Scheduler

  • Contract and Document Manager

  • ENERGY STAR Automated Submission and Scoring

Add-On Modules:  Bill Processing for AP Import; Rates Engine with Template Rates and Comparison Tool; Savings Tracker

Get Real! Meter Data
  • 6 Dashboard Technologies to Save Time and Get Answers

  • Quickly Identify Excess Use, Demand Spikes and Other Issues

  • Real-Time Data Trending and Benchmarking

  • Predictive Demand Reporting for Peak Management

  • Weather-Correlation 

  • Professional Reports 

Add-On Modules:  Distributed Analytics

Get Real! HVAC Data
  • Collective Equipment Data 

  • Real-Time Data Trending Reports

  • Performance Metrics and Alerts

  • Weather Correlation

Add-On Modules:  Distributed Analytics




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