"It is an invaluable tool for our clients, helping us provide analytics to assist with identifying areas of energy inefficiency, finding and correcting billing errors, and budget reporting."  

Scott MacDonald, Managing Director of  USource LLC

Making Energy Managers Extraordinary

Having spent 28 years consulting with big box retailers, grocery chains, governments and campus operations, we know what it takes to manage large amounts of data with a lean staff, while getting RESULTS!  This process and intelligence has been enveloped within the UtilityTRX Enterprise Solution.   


UtilityTRX unites utility billing and real-time building data into a simple process that effectively reduces utility costs and increases equipment life. The common issue with any energy management process is the time required to analyze data and knowing where to begin or how to prioritize resources.  UtilityTRX does the heavy lifting by providing a methodical process that prioritizes and exposes the billing or operational issues.  


Property managers can quickly see a high level view of the events at hand and analysts can spend more time taking action rather than chasing down the details and making sense of it all.   With UtilityTRX you can...​

  • Eliminate Excel for Utility Bill Tracking 

  • Host, Access and Analyze all billing and real-time data on one site

  • Correlate varying and complex data to spot issues or track results

  • Establish a true cost control program that is proactive

  • Track your RESULTS!


Challenges in Managing Property Use and Equipment

"Where do I begin" is not an uncommon thought or statement in the energy management field

The challenges of managing buildings, parks or other sites include the following:

  • Complex utility billing

  • Costly equipment that can be affected by excess hours of operations and people that service it 

  • Intricate building automation with room for human error  

  • Varying weather from year to year and by geography that make use analysis very complicated

  • Lack of pertinent data necessary to justify capital investments towards efficiency projects 

  • Time intensive analysis that can be required when using less sophisticated dashboards or Excel 

  • Challenges in prioritizing resources and actions

  • Limited results tracking of one's own efforts or the team's efforts  

Rather than making the same common mistake of fragmenting building IoT software based on purpose, consolidate all your enterprise data under one robust umbrella solution that saves significant time, provides a clear path for mitigation, delivers valuable insight and enables users to track results. 

Working Smarter and Not Harder

Top 4 Leading-Edge Tools for Controlling Building Costs

1)  The XS Use Tracker

2)  Meter Insight 

3)  Intelligent Building Scan 

4)  The Project Tracker 

Benefits of UtilityTRX Enterprise Solutions

Spend less time looking for data, documents and answers. Use time more effectively spotting critical issues, qualifying opportunities, assigning resolution and tracking savings.

ROI - Averages 5+ to 1 

10% to 35% in Identified Excess Energy and Water Consumption

10% to 35% in Reduced Equipment Wear and Tear

1% to 3% in Billing Errors

Hundreds to Thousands of Hours Saved in Staff Time

Improved Insight When Making Purchasing Decisions

Note:  Represented savings are not guaranteed but instead are intended as a guideline 

What Some of Our Customer Say...

Usource partners with UtilityTRX to deliver its white label energy reporting system, InSight.  It is an invaluable tool for our clients, helping us provide analytics to assist with identifying areas of energy inefficiency, finding and correcting billing errors, and budget reporting.  UtilityTRX’s reporting tool allows us to differentiate our level of service as a strategic energy advisor.  They have been a true business partner, always providing fast and complete customer service.  Scott MacDonald, Managing Director, Usource.

"Prior to UtilityTRX, it took us 3 days out of the month to hand enter the bill data [in Excel] and review it.  Now we're up and running in less than an hour and reviewing audit cases.  When we feel like we really have an issue, we send our technician out to see if we have a problem.  Some our irrigation meters are quite large and we send them out on those items."   Barry Crumrine, City of Huntsville




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